Add Yarder Yarding Limit

Add Yarder Yarding Limit

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Use this tool to click on a Profile at the location where you want the Yarder Yarding Limit to be placed.  This will extend the no calculation zone (yellow area of a Profile) out from the Yarder to the point on the Profile that you clicked. Clicking again will shift the location. Note: This tool is linked to the Yarder Yarding Limit in the Profile parameters in the CHPS Control Panel.


Note: If you have set a landing size, the Yarder Yarding Limit is not in addition to the landing size.

For example, if you have a landing size of 30m, and a Yarder Yarding Limit of 30m, this will have no impact on the calculations as the landing size creates the initial no calculation zone and assumes logs are not being hauled i.e. the payload calculations start at the edge of the landing.  If the Yarder Yarding Limit is 40m, then the payload calculations will start a 40m out from the Yarder and in this case, that will be a further 10m from the edge of the landing.


Topic Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 September 2016