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The 'Advanced' tab enables configuration of the way the system updates and stores log files, it also allows you to change you license




Auto Update

Auto Update Enabled

Enable this if you would like to be notified when there is a new update available and you would like the updater to run. If you disable this you can manually run the updates.


CHPS Version Type

This setting allows you to check for updates against a different product description than normal. The Change Type button allows the product type description to check for updates against to be changed.

Note: Changing this setting to something that has not been provided by GBS will do nothing other than prevent regular updates from being checked for. This setting is designed to allow for access to product betas in future. The Restore Default button will return the Version Type to its original state.




This section enables or disable logging, specify the location the log files are written to and the level of message logging.

Logging Enabled

This is where you enable logging of errors and warnings in a log file in your local file system


Log File Directory

This is the location on your local file system where your log file is currently set to record to


Choose Folder

You can change the Log File Directory location by selecting the 'Choose Directory' button and navigating too your desired location


Open Folder

Selecting 'Open Folder' will open the Log File Directory in 'Windows Explorer' so you can open the log files


Message Level to Log

You can chose to record all messages, only errors or errors and warnings



You can deactivate your license from this machine by selecting the 'Deactivate License' button


Please note: Any changes you make in this tab wont take effect until you restart CHPS                                                                                                                                        


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