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The Environment tab is where you set the terrain elevation layers to work with. These layers could be ArcMap Feature Classes (Contours) or Raster Layers (DEM). You can only use layers that are present in you ArcMap Table of Contents.


This tab is divided into three sections;


DEM Layer

The DEM Layer section is where you set the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to be used.

When you expand the drop-down list, you'll see the names of all the raster layers loaded into your ArcMap document; select the one that will be used for the Profile operations.


If you don't want to use a DEM, you can leave the drop-down list blank or untick the check box located to its right to disable it.


Important Note:

 If a DEM is selected the elevation layers set in the next section won't be used.



Contour Layers

The Contour Layers section identifies the contour line layers to be used by the application.. You can specify up to three contour layers in one project. 


Important Note:

 These layers will only be used if there is no DEM selected or enabled on the previous section.


When you expand the combo box, all the Feature Classes currently loaded in your ArcMap document are available to choose from. Select one that will be used for the Profile operations.


If you don't want to use a contour line layer leave the combo box blank or untick the check box located to its right to disable it.




Once a feature class has been selected you need to specify the elevation field. To do this, select the name of the field that stores the elevation value in your chosen Feature Class from the 'Elevation Field' drop-down box (located beneath the Layer drop-down)


Important Note:

The section name states that it is aimed for contour line layers, you can use other feature classes as long as they have a field with valid elevation values.


Important Note:

If you have more than one contour layer set, CHPS will check for terrain data in order starting with Layer 1.


Once all the layers are set up the user is ready to work with the map.


Landing Settings

This section allows users to set which polygon feature layer they would like to use as the map's Landing. Selecting a polygon layer will then populate the Elevation drop-down menu to feature a selection of fields from the selected polygon feature layer. Here, users can select an elevation field for the feature layer.

Landing settings will modify the calculate of the elevation of a profile. When a profile is placed, CHPS will try to intersect the Yarder point with the landing feature class if enabled.


Important Note: If more than one feature is intersected then the first feature returned will be used.






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