Select Elements Tool

Select Elements Tool

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This is the same as the Standard ArcGIS Desktop Select Elements tool. Use it to select your CHPS graphics.


Many of the CHPS functions require the use of the 'Select Elements Tool'


Types of Selection:

There are two valid selection types in the CHPS application:

Standard ArcMap Selection

Objects are highlighted with a light blue dashed outline, there are light blue squares at the corners. This is most commonly used when you want to change the location of an object by 'dragging and dropping' the object in its new location. This functionality is only available for Tailholds and Yarders


CHPS Selection

This is a custom selection developed for CHPS. Objects selected are highlighted on the map as follows:

Yarders are selected in orange.

Profiles are selected in light blue.
Their corresponding record in the tree-view is highlighted in dark blue, and properties are also shown in the 'CHPS Control Panel'


Both selection types can occur at the same time.                                                                                                                                        


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