Demo Licensing

Demo Licensing

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The Demo Licence Mode is mode of operation that will allow basic usage of CHPS for an indefinite period.

The following lists the restrictions that are in place when running CHPS in Demo Mode:

PDF reports will be disabled. However, CSV export is still enabled.

A maximum of 10 yarder points may be placed on the map at once.

CHPS will only load projects created in CHPS Demo Mode (i.e. projects created using CHPS in a "full" licensed mode will not load).

Yarder/Carriage/Cable configurations are read from XML files (i.e. not from the CHPS database). The XML files can be modified to support other configurations.

CHPS will only support a maximum of 4 different Yarder and Carriage configurations. Each Yarder only supports a single Cable configuration.

Cables cannot be changed on the fly.

The User Configuration dialog only displays the Environment, Profile and Generic tabs.

Connection Manager is disabled.