Release information

Release information

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Version 1.3

Version 1.3 addresses a number of bugs and usability issues that were making CHPS 1.2 unstable and difficult to use.  These issues primarily came out of the first CHPS user group meeting held in Napier (New Zealand) in March 2013.  Version 1.3 addresses the high priority issues identified in that meeting. The key changes and improvements are:

Bug fixes and general stability improvements.

Improved saving and loading of the CHPS project files

Improved handling of the “not enough haulback” situation

Improved the Tailhold elevation calculations when using contours

Improved the way landing size works to minimise the impact of the “steep wall” out from the edge of the landing.

Removed the reporting of negative payloads

Fixed downhill yarding

Added a no calculation zone for the for the landing and the Tailhold.

Improved the visibility for the Profile lines when they are selected

Use SQL compact as an alternative to SQL Express and SQL Enterprise.                                                                                                                                        


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