Release information

Release information

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Version 1.4

CHPS 1.4 addresses a number of bugs and usability issues that were raised by the CHPS User Group Members. CHPS 1.4 consists of significant code changes. These improve performance and the reliability of the outputs, and also improve the overall user experience.



Payload Calculations have been completely rewritten by Prof. Glen Murphy – Waiariki Institute of Technology (NZ).

The Profile Model has been improved to allow for future System Types to be added easily.


CHPS Control Panel

New Control Panel window with two layouts; a horizontal layout for large screens, and a vertical sidebar layout for small screens (must be enabled in Options menu).

Replaces the Property Grid from previous versions of CHPS.

Allows much greater flexibility in changing and applying Harvesting settings.

Changes to settings can be applied at both a Yarder and Profile level. Profile settings changed at a Yarder level will be applied to all Profiles attached to that Yarder.

Setting can be changed globally and will apply to all new Profile Groups.

Changing configuration options is easier in the Control Panel with more options available including changing cables on the fly.



Cables used on Yarders are now customisable. Cables can be swapped on the fly for Skyline, Mainline, and Haulback lines.

Custom Cables can be created and saved in the Database.



The Database has been updated in CHPS 1.4.

oThe Yarder library is more comprehensive.

oThe machinery accurately represents their specifications.

oRope diameters and weights are now available.

Database information is now cached to improve performance.


Auto-Locate Tailhold

Auto Locate Tailhold can now be run on individual Profiles from the Control Panel.

Profile Window

The Profile Window has been reorganised and now includes two tabs; the Profile Graph, and the Profile Data tabs.

The Profile Graph has an improved layout with more information available in the Profile Summary area.

The Profile Data Grid has been added. This provides detailed information on each Profile Point in a Profile which can be helpful in fixing troublesome Profiles.



Payload colours are now configurable in the newly added Symbology tab in the Options Menu.

The Payload Legend colours update to match Payload colours.

Multi Span supports are now drawn on the Map.


Core Software

The majority of the core systems have been rewritten to improve stability, add improved error handling, and allow for future functionality.

The Configuration system in now self-correcting. Missing or incorrect values in Configuration Files will be automatically set to default values.

Improvements in Error Handling and reporting: unhandled errors are captured in an error message form with an option to report the error to GBS.

Comprehensive Logging: All errors and warnings are logged in a log file which is attached to error reports.

Improvements made to the start-up of ArcMap when the CHPS extension is enabled.

New Project File format. The new format is less prone to errors and saves more information such as full details for Yarders and Carriages.

Improvements to Project Loading. Projects will now still load if referenced Yarders or Carriages are not found in the Database. Missing equipment can optionally be added to the Database. Missing elevation layers can be swapped for layers currently on the Map.


Auto Update

Added the ability to download and install software updates automatically. (Dependent on network security settings).



Profile Reports now contain an image of the selected Profile on the Map.

Profile Group Reports now contain an image of the selected Profile Group on the Map.

Profile Reports now contain more information on the including Maximum Tailhold Tension, and Ground and Horizontal Distances.

Profile Graphs can now be printed individually from the Profile Graph Window.


User Guidance

The User Guidance has been rewritten to be more comprehensive and concise.                                                                                                                                        


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