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Version 1.5.1
Released 8 Oct 2015.


About this release
CHPS 1.5.1 is primarily a maintenance release. Some instability  was introduced in CHPS 1.5 which is fixed in 1.5.1. We have also begun to restructure the CHPS code base to make supporting Esri ArcPro easier in the future. Note that we are anticipating a version of CHPS for ArcPro late 2016. This is dependent on demand and also the nature of the Esri ArcPro API which is currently in Beta.


New Features



"Reposition Profile Graph Window" button

New button added in the Profile Tab of the configuration menu which relocates the Profile Graph Window. This is useful switching between single and multiple screens, and the window ends up lost.

"Show Profile Graph Window" button

New button added on the CHPS Control Panel that opens the Profile Graph Window on demand for a selected profile. This is useful if the ability to hide the profile graph window is turned on.

"Show Profile Graph" by right-clicking on profile in tree view

The Profile Graph Window can be opened on demand by right clicking on a selected profile and selecting "Show Profile Graph ".

Enhancements  / Changes / Bug Fixes

Issue raised

Change implemented

Opening project files of the same coordinate system type, but with differently labeled names prompts a warning message.

CHPS now detects the ID numbers of coordinate systems as opposed to their names which means that differences in spelling no longer prompt the warning message.

Profile graph window did not stay in place after it was repositioned

The Profile Graph Window can now be docked, float or be tabbed to the Control Panel. It will remember its previous state when closed.

Previously, when an elevation, contour or DEM layer was positioned below a group layer in the Table of Contents in ArcMap, it would fail to be detected.

The layer can now be found and detected even if it is positioned under a group layer in the Table of Contents.


Known Issues


Workaround / Solution

Selection issue

Very occasionally, the Select tool loses its ability to fully select a profile or yarder.

If the Select tool is unable to select profiles or yarders on screen, then selecting profiles or yarders via the tree view should still work. In order to reset the Select tool so that it successfully selects on screen yarders and profiles again, save the project and reload it.

Manual registration of CHPS extension

There may be occasions where the CHPS extension may not be registered correctly after installation of CHPS. A symptom of this is the GBS CHPS extension not appearing in the Extensions dialog in ArcMap.


Image: GBS CHPS extension appears missing in the Extensions window on ArcMap.

The following steps will guide you through manual registration of the CHPS Extension within ArcMap. Note: this requires Administrator privileges.

1.Close ArcMap, if already open.

2.Open a command prompt.

3.Enter the following command into the command prompt:

a.On a 64-bit system:
"%commonprogramfiles(x86)%\ArcGIS\bin\esriregasm.exe" "%programfiles(x86)%\Geographic Business Solutions\CHPS\CHPS for ArcMap.dll" /p:Desktop /s

b.On a 32-bit system:
"%commonprogramfiles%\ArcGIS\bin\esriregasm.exe" "%programfiles%\Geographic Business Solutions\CHPS\CHPS for ArcMap.dll" /p:Desktop /s

4.CHPS should now be registered in ArcMap.





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