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CHPS (Cable Harvest Planning Solution) is a dedicated forestry planning tool for analysing terrain and calculating payloads for where Cable Yarders are used to extract logs. It is an extension integrated into Esri® ArcGIS™ for Desktop software, so is able to take advantage of a multitude of benefits afforded by this GIS platform.


Current version:  1.6 - Release Notes for 1.6


The key features of CHPS are:

Proven payload calculations covering standing skyline, running skyline, live skyline and multi-span analysis.

Integrated with Esri® ArcGIS™ for Desktop.

Fast and easy to use, with comprehensive reporting (maps, excel and PDF), online help and documentation.

Efficient planning using multiple Yarder locations and Profiles.

Slope adjusted average and maximum haul distance calculations.

Utilise contours and DEMs for terrain data.

Add in GPS survey points to augment existing terrain data.

Model environmental constraints.

Includes an up-to-date Yarder/Carriage/Cable database.

Configurable for local settings and equipment (Yarders, Carriages, Cables).

Supports Metric and Imperial measurements.

Reduce risk for forest managers and harvest contractors.


The tool has been developed by Geographic Business Solutions (GBS) in collaboration with SCION Research Institute. Numerous companies from the forestry industry in New Zealand have participated actively in the project and have been giving feedback through all of the development process in order to get the best possible product for the forestry users.                                                                                                                                        


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