Yarder Settings

Yarder Settings

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The Yarder Settings Panel provides information about the active Yarder for the current selection. Changes in this panel will not be applied until the Apply Yarder/Carriage Changes button is clicked. This allows multiple related settings to be changed without having to wait while Profiles are recalculated.





The manufacturer of the selected Yarder.


The model of the selected Yarder.

Landing Size

The size of the landing in meters or feet. This is the length from the center of the Yarder to the edge of the landing so if the landing is assumed to be circular then this value is the radius.

Landing Elevation

An adjustment to the height of the landing relative to the elevation provided by GIS data. This is assumed to be uniform across the whole landing. A value of 2m will increase the height of the whole landing by 2m above what is found in the GIS data. A negative value will lower the landing relative to the GIS data.

Landing Slope Start

The distance from the centre of the landing at which to begin sloping away. A value of 0 will not slope at all. This setting is intended to model the slopes on the sides of built landings. A value of 5 models a landing that has a 5 meter radius before sloping away.

Landing Slope Angle

The angle in degrees at which to slope the landing by. A value of 0 will slope the landing so that it meets the first terrain point after the landing. This setting is only used if Landing Slope Start is greater than zero.

Tower Height

The height of the tower for the currently selected Yarder. This is for reference only and cannot be changed from this menu.

Tower Position

This setting controls the tower position for telescopic Yarders. For non telescopic Yarders this setting will be disabled.


Note: Changes made to the Yarder settings if a Profile or Yarder is selected will apply to every Profile attached to that Yarder.





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