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The 'About CHPS' dialogue allows users to view information about their current version of CHPS, their license information and access to the CHPS User Guidance.






CHPS Version

This displays the CHPS version number you are running, this is the number the updater uses.


License State

Your License State will read either 'FULL', 'TRIAL' or 'EXPIRED' depending on your license type.


Remaining time

The remaining time left on your license is shown here.


Unlock Key

The license activation number sent to you by CHPS Support is shown here.


CHPS Manual

Selecting this button opens this CHPS User Guidance.



A number of organisations and individuals contributed to the development of CHPS, they are recognised here.


For more information on licensing CHPS please see Licensing CHPS





Topic Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 September 2016