CHPS Features

Current CHPS Version: 1.6 (Release Notes)

  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Efficient planning using multiple Yarder locations and Profiles.
  • Auto-placement of profiles around Yarder locations, including solving for feasible Profiles.
  • Manual placement or shifting of Yarders and Tailholds.
  • Modelling of Running, Live, and Standing Skyline, plus High-Lead and Multi-Span System Types.
  • Calculation of key variables such as maximum and average payloads, rigging length requirements and average and maximum haul distances.
  • Use of environmental constraints to monitor special areas.
  • Configurable for local settings and equipment (Yarders, Carriages and Cables).
  • Comprehensive reporting (maps, excel and PDF).
  • Utilize contours and DEMs for terrain data.
  • Add in GPS survey points to augment existing terrain data.
  • Reduce risk for forest managers and harvest contractors.
  • Comprehensive Online Help.
  • Support for ArcGIS 10.2 to 10.7