System Requirements

System Requirements

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CHPS requires the following applications or superior versions of these to be installed before it can be used:

ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2 - 10.7 (builds for earlier version of ArcGIS for Desktop may be available on request).

The minimum screen resolution CHPS is supported at is 1024 x 768, however it is recommended that you use either two monitors or 1280 x 800

Microsoft® SQL Compact (v 3.5+) or SQL Server Express/Standard/Enterprise (2005+)



If you do not already have SQL Compact 3.5 installed and you are using CHPS version 1.3 onwards, please download and install SQL Compact from the following link:

If you are choosing to select Express or Standard/Enterprise as your database option, you do not need to install SQL Compact.



Pre-installation checklist

Prior to installation please check the following:

PYou have the CHPS installer

PYou have the CHPS standalone licence key or the URL to the CHPS Floating Licence Server

PThe PC you are installing CHPS on has the following:

PEsri® ArcGIS™ Desktop 10.0 or greater installed

PYou have Administrative rights on the PC

PYou have uninstalled any previous versions of CHPS on this PC

PYou have installed SQL Compact                                                                                                                                        


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