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The 'Symbology tab' is new at CHPS 1.4, it has been created to enable you to change the colours of the Yarder, Tailhold and Payload, the ability to change the label style applied to the CHPS Profile labels.




To change the colour of the Yarder, Tailhold, Yarding Limits or Payload;

1.In the Symbology tab, select the coloured patch next to the item name you want to change the symbology of

2.A colour picker opens, select your new colour

3.Select 'OK' when you have chosen the new colour

4.The coloured patch should now reflect the colour you have chosen

5.Close the Configuration Options dialogue to apply this colour


The Yarding Limit colours are for the lines that draw on the Profile Graph to show the location of the Yarding Limits when they are set.  If you don't want to see these lines on the Profile graph, until the tick box "Show on Graph".



To change the label style and colour;

1.Select the 'Chose Font' button in the 'Symbology' tab

2.In the Font dialogue select your;


b.Font Style

c.Font Size


3.Select OK when you have chosen your font settings

4.You can also choose to have a white halo around your labels to help them stand out against your base map

a.You can increase and decrease the size of the halo in the 'Halo Size' field

5.You can also turn the labels on and off using the 'Show Labels' option.




Topic Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 September 2016