Clear Selection

Clear Selection

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Clears the selection of all selected CHPS elements,


This tool was designed to be used in the following situations;

1.When using the 'Create Manual Profiles' tool; to deactivate the current 'Profile Group' so you can draw a new 'Yarder' and 'Profile Group'

2.If you would like to see the default parameters set in the currently loaded Configuration File on the CHPS Control Panel, there must be no CHPS items selected.  If a CHPS item (Yarder or Profile) is selected,t hen information displayed in the CHPS Control Panel is for the selected Yarder and/or Profile.

3.To hide the Profile Window which is active when there is a selected Profile.


Note: The CHPS 'Clear Selection' button does not clear features that were selected using the ArcMap 'Select Features' tool, you need to use the ArcMap 'Clear Selected Features' tool for those features.                                                                                                                                        


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