Modify Tailhold

Modify Tailhold

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The 'Modify Tailhold' tool extends or shortens the closest Profile to where you click on the map. So, if you click on where you would like the Tailhold to be, the Tailhold will relocate itself along the existing Profile line (i.e. the angle of the line will not change). It will either extend along the line, or shorten the line.


There are dashed lines that extend past the Profile line to indicate the path the Profile can be modified along.


To extend or shorten a Profile;

1.Select the Yarder in the Profile/Profile group you would like to modify using the 'Select Elements Tool'

2.Select the 'Modify Tailhold' tool

3.Click on the map where you would like the Tailhold to be. The closest Profile will either extend or decrease along the Profile lines path                                                                                                                                        


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