Copy Profile Group

Copy Profile Group

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Creates a copy of the active Profile group. The copied Yarder and all Profiles (the Profile group) are offset slightly from the original.


The Tailholds of the new 'Profile Group' will have the same relative position from the Yarder as the original, and the parameters/properties of each Profile will be the same as the copied 'Profile Group'. The 'Profiles' will be recalculated according to the terrain data underneath.


The name of the new 'Profile Group' will be the same as the copied with the word "COPY" appended. You can change the name later on the Profile Group Tree View.


You can then re-position the copied Yarder (and Profiles) to your desired location by selecting and moving the copied Yarder.

Note: The Tailhold locations can be locked (or unlocked) through a setting in the Options dialogue.  If they are locked, then the Yarder will move but the Tailhold positions will not.  Usually you will want your Tailhold positions unlocked when re-locating a copied Profile group.


To create a copy of a 'Profile Group';

1.Make the 'Profile Group' you want to copy active by either selecting its Yarder or one of its Profiles using the 'Select Elements Tool'

2.Select the 'copy Profile Group' option on the toolbar



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