The Interface

The Interface

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The CHPS interface is in keeping with the ArcGIS Desktop styling and usability. The CHPS extension consists of four main parts;


The Toolbar

The CHPS toolbar houses the individual Tools and Commands available in CHPS to enable you to create your plan and manage options.


The CHPS Control Panel

This is where you interact with the individual settings (such as Yarder type, Cables, landing size etc) and can change settings and update the calculations.


The Map

The map is where you add, edit and select your Yarders, Tailholds and Profiles to create your plan.


The Profile Window

This is where you can see results of the payload calculations in the form of a Profile graph - showing terrain, payload, limiting points etc.



This where you create a PDF report for a Profile or Profile Group (all Profiles linked to a Yarder).



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