Common Scenarios

Common Scenarios

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We have put together a scenario to help you use CHPS for a common work-flow


Creating a Yarder and Profile:

1.Select a configuration to use

2.Use the manual profile tool to create a Yarder and one profile line

3.Set the Yarder settings to your desired settings

4.Set the System Type on your profiles (you may get a warning to proceed depending on your settings). 

5.Change the profile settings as required

6.Add another profile

7.Delete any unwanted profiles

8.Select a profile on screen

9.Select a profile from the tree view

10.View a profiles graph

11.View a profiles report

12.Change the length of the profile by dragging the tailhold out

13.Change the profile length by dragging the profile out but use the modify anchor tool

14.Turn on the Auto-locate tailhold option

15.Create a new Yarder and one or two profiles to see the tailholds auto locate

16.Move the anchor point again, it should not auto locate the 2nd time.

17.Select a yarder

18.Use the copy the profile group

19.Delete all

20.Turn off auto locate tailhold

21.Create a profile group using Create Auto Profiles

22.Delete a profile group

23.Create a profile group report

24.Delete all


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